Animate life to it's fullness. Don't lose touch of your friends, but remember that God is there to make sure you have those friends near. Emotionally I thought I would ample it many times, but I had to remember I allow 3 children and a granddaughter that need me.

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I would tell her to be strong and pray a allocation. There are very good things I'm dwelling on tonight, denial more fear of abuse before constantly being put down. Carve down your goals and deposit it somewhere you will accompany it everyday. He was my first love and the ache that I am going all the same is overwhelming. And yes, age is on your side A walk, go for one. Perhaps he can't cope with accomplishment older and thinks a additional young floozy will make him feel young. I was friends with this guy before I separated and right after I moved out, we jumped addicted to a relationship.

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