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Oecd Public Governance Reviews

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This report assesses the implementation and coherence of instruments, processes and structures in Brazil to create a culture of integrity and to manage risks affecting the operations and performance of public organisations.

Effects Of Unfairly Unfavorable Book Reviews On Independent Authors

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SUBTITLE: "When a Negative Review IS NOT MERITED by a Written Work"This book is also a section found in my 3-part book ""Wars Between Book Reviewers and Authors". <<(This resource would be the one I recommend to readers interested in this subject.)In November of 2012, I stated the fact to fellow indie publishers, that this book would be "an experiment", to gauge reviewer-response to the subject (via forum posts I made, still visible online today). It IS NOT a non-legitimate subject to address, although it is obvious that some book-reviewers are OFFENDED by even a short-length (7,470 words), mildly-written dissertation on the subject. What do they feel is being threatened - "free speech" and "freedom of expression"? {The response/results from reviewers was interesting, to say the least!!}EXAMPLES:On a particular popular social media reviews site, where reviewers are allowed to classify books in their shelving options under terms such as "d**k head literature", comments toward this very book, included my being told to "castrate" myself, my being called "an a**hole" and being told to "die in a dark hole". I am only citing scant-examples and these type comments are far more reaching in the negative and offensive directions than I can even begin to convey (Hence: "UNFAIRLY UNFAVORABLE"). I observed these types of reviewer-comments, long before my consideration for writing an experimental-book on this subject, came to mind. I attempted to address the subject somewhat mildly and without citing examples of the more offensive type reviewer-comments but some reviewers were still offended despite this fact. Others were pleased to see the subject being addressed.IMPORTANT: Most book reviewers are good, honest people. Just because a reviewer is harsh, this does not make them a bad or dishonest reviewer. I do believe however, that there are stark differences between harsh reviews and attack reviews or those that are directed at authors personally. I believe it is wrong for authors to attack reviewers as well. Authors should see no need in replying to reviews or reviewers, unless there is a legitimate reason to do so (very rare - usually only to point out a major mistaken perception within a book). I also do not believe authors should reply to reviewers with "thank yous", unless under special circumstances because this would mean that honest, critical reviews should also deserve a "thank you" and a bias toward positive reviews would be evident and unnecessary (readers already know that authors prefer positive reviews). As should be noted by the title of this book, I mainly address and discuss "unfairly unfavorable" book reviews that are posted against independent (indie) author's books and eBooks and NOT THOSE THAT ARE EARNED AND DESERVED BY THEM (negative reviews are merited in most cases, while some are 'undeserved'). Some of the content in this book, I have derived from posts I made on a publisher's forum, which I have rewritten and edited into headings for it. The fact that undeserved negative reviews are posted online by readers on bookseller websites, is evident by the fact that same books at the same time, can have highly favorable and positive reviews posted for them by other readers. (NOTE: This is not always a proof -- I'm pointing out a general observance, that might indicate that a negative review found among predominantly positive reviews, is posted for inappropriate reasons.) TABLE OF HEADINGS:1. RECENT POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CHANGES IN PUBLISHING AND BOOK REVIEWING2. HIGHLY NEGATIVE BOOK REVIEWS: DESTROYING AUTHORS WITH A FEW TAPS OF THE KEYBOARD3. A BAD REVIEW ON MY HEALTH TITLE4. ARE AUTHOR COMPLAINTS ABOUT NEGATIVE REVIEWS LEGITIMATE?5. AUTHORS IMPROVE BUT MUST BE OPEN TO 'APPROPRIATE' CRITICISM6. VAGUE REVIEWS NOT EXPLAINING WHY A LOW RATING WAS GIVEN7. TRASH TITLES CONTRIBUTE TO BAD PERCEPTIONS TOWARD INDIE AUTHORS8. IN CONCLUSION

The Idiot Government Reviews (a Laugh Out Loud Comedy Book)

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We've all seen the news over the last few years, watching in wonder and disbelief at the situations the people entrusted to run the country get themselves into and then proceed to lie their way out of. Just imagine, and this won't be hard, that they were so stupid that they wrote reviews of the items that got them into or out of their latest bit of trouble and posted them online. Ted Williebond is angry, not only at having to settle for running the opposition, but also for the bullying he had to endure at school by Cameron Davies and Gary Osburn, who now run the Government and don't mind pointing that out to Ted every time they see him. Join Ted as he foolishly leaves reviews of such items as Silly String, vodka and thick curtains as he tries his hardest to bring down the coalition. On the other side of the fence we've got Daniel Dangly, a foolhardy old school politician from Southamptonshire who, try as he might, cannot outrun the press, who seem to stalk him for easy stories; and Elouise Munch, a career girl more concerned about who's defaced her designer handbag than the people in her constituency. Running the show though isn't Cameron Davies or Ted Williebond; in fact it is Betty Rivers, the CEO of Information Inc. It can't work out well, can it? Welcome to The Idiot Government Reviews


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