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Bacteriophage T4 And Its Relatives. A Series Of Critical Reviews

RRP $274.99

Phage T4 is a large DNA virus that infects and multiplies in the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli) and certain other bacteria that normally inhabit the mammalian gut. Relatives of T4 are widely distributed in nature and propagate in a variety of bacterial species in marine and terrestrial environments. The genomes of these phages encode an enormous biochemical complexity that rival the complexity exhibited by the much larger genomes of their bacterial hosts. Collectively, T4 and its relatives have proven to be powerful systems for research into the genetic and biochemical mechanisms that control the replication, expression and evolution of DNA genomes as well as viral assembly. This book contains a collection of review articles covering research in these areas over the last 20 years. The articles appeared online as a thematic series in 2010 in BioMed Central's Virology Journal. They are reprinted here in hardcopy as a convenient source of the most current reviewed information on this family of phages for instructors and trainees in the microbial and molecular biological sciences.

Writing Literature Reviews

RRP $610.99

This useful guide educates students in the preparation of literature reviews for term projects, theses, and dissertations. The authors provide numerous examples from published reviews that illustrate the guidelines discussed throughout the book.

New to the seventh edition:

  • Each chapter breaks down the larger holistic review of literature exercise into a series of smaller, manageable steps
  • Practical instructions for navigating today's digital libraries
  • Comprehensive discussions about digital tools, including bibliographic and plagiarism detection software
  • Chapter activities that reflect the book's updated content
  • New model literature reviews
  • Online resources designed to help instructors plan and teach their courses [URL TBC]

Winning Reviews

RRP $209.95

One of the major activities of academics is reviewing colleagues' manuscripts, yet no formal training on how to put together a meaningful review is usually provided by Ph.D. programs or professional associations. Winning Reviews brings together highly-respected scholars to discuss the fundamental nuts and bolts of writing a review. Insights are offered by leading journal editors and the vital role that reviews play in the knowledge creation process is examined. The book provides a comprehensive and much-needed guide to evaluating and reviewing scholarly writing.


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