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Feedback Control Systems

RRP $37.95

Feedback Control Systems: A Fast Track Guide for Scientists and Engineers is an essential reference tool for:

  • Electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineers who are developing or improving products, with a need to use feedback control systems.
  • Faculty and graduate students in the fields of engineering and experimental science (e.g., physics) who are building their own high-performance measuring/test arrangements.
  • Faculties teaching laboratory courses in engineering and measurement techniques, and the students taking those courses.
  • Practising engineers, scientists, and students who need a quick intuitive education in the issues related to feedback control systems.
  • Key features of Feedback Control Systems:
    • The contents and the layout of the book are structured to ensure satisfactory proficiency for the novice designer.
    • The authors provide the reader with a simple yet powerful method for designing control systems using several sensors or actuators.
    • It offers a comprehensive control system troubleshooting and performance testing guide.
    From the reviewers:
  • Control systems are ubiquitous and their use would be even more widespread if more people were competent in designing them. This book will play a valuable role in expanding the cadre of competent designers.
  • This is a book that needed to be written, and its presentation is different from any other book on controls intended for a wide community of engineers and scientists. The book breaks the common cliche of style in the control literature that tends toward mathematical formality. Instead, the emphasis is on intuition and practical advice.
  • The book contains a very valuable and novel heuristic treatment of the subject.
  • .. one of the best examples of a book that describes the design cycle.
  • The book will help satisfy the demand among practising engineers for a good introduction to control systems.

  • Should 360-degree Feedback Be Used Only For Developmental Purposes?

    RRP $20.99

    Along with the growing use of 360-degree feedback in organizations today, there is much disagreement over how it should be employed: strictly to help the manager develop or also to help those who work with the manager decide such issues as pay and promotion? This publication features the insights of a group of experienced professionals on both sides of the issue. To set the stage, George P. Hollenbeck, a management psychologist and adjunct faculty member at Boston University's Graduate School of Management, discusses the popularity of 360-degree feedback today.

    Leadership, Feedback And The Open Communication Gap

    RRP $259.99

    The topic of leadership has grown in importance, and how and when managers communicate is critical to their effectiveness. This book provides insight for managers to understand the feedback and open communication processes. It suggests guidelines for how and when managers should engage in negative feedback and open organizational-level communication with followers, including when such feedback and information should not be shared. It also adds to the existing knowledge base pertaining to open communication on the part of managers.

    This book will be of value to managers and practitioners involved in the practice of leadership as well as for courses on leadership, organizational behavior, human resource management and organizational communication.


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