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Around The Dinner Table Religion And Politics The Butt Hurt Saga 1962-2015 (the

RRP $18.99

Have you ever sat around the dinner table discussing religion and politics? If you grew up in my family you tended to just eat your food, discuss how your day went, and then be excused from the table. There was the occasional, you are going to vote for this guy or that guy is an idiot in my house, but there really were no deep descriptions of politics in general, unless my grandmother was present. I remember my father implying that I should never go to the dark side as he called them. As with any teenager, I tended to do the opposite of what their parent implied. This book will explore personal experiences and experiences from dinner tables across the country. We will also look at the years from 1962-2015, which I contemplate as the years our freedoms died. Plausible deniability from our government regarding matters of Constitutional rights, which were guaranteed from our founding fathers, will be explored. Should we as a nation, sit idly by as our government continues to garnish our freedoms? What will you do if and when the economy crashes? Is there a reason why we have internment camps set up by the government that was created to protect its citizens? These are a few of the questions that I explore throughout the pages in the book. This will be a true testament to the will of our country, which is utterly protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Together we will have a better understanding of where our country is headed and where we came from as a society. I question how many families do sit down and eat and congregate together each evening in their homes, the data would probably be staggering to say the very least. If you were to walk into virtually any establishment around the country, you might see several men and women drinking coffee and discussing politics. If you were to walk into a home in the evening from the time period of 6:00-7:00 p.m. would you see a similar situation?

One Mix Plate For Lunch& Leftovers For Dinner...

RRP $13.99

Feed your Spirit with this collection of thought-provoking haiku and mystical poetry from the Author of the Adventures in Urban Mysticism Series, The Maxims of Delta, & The Dream Pusher.What Readers have been saying:"I would recommend this to readers looking for inspiration that's a little outside of the box, and readers who are looking to explore new ways of thinking and viewing the world." ~ E. Lucas "Books like this prove that there is no defined path to enlightenment, it is all up to you." ~ "Just a Dude Out There""...thoughtful experience from a bared soul. Well worth the buy for those looking to explore their inner self." ~ B. Miner

Dinner In A Flash

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Dinner in a Flash provides ideas for a quick, tasty, and economical dinner on busy days. Frankly, we never have much time in most days. With the usual 9-5 job, or a full family (or even both), and the hectic day to day life that interferes with our schedules, there's hardly ever any time to actually sit down and have dinner, much less actually work to create an appetizing meal. Even if there was, just the thought of the all the work and the clean up afterwards is enough to drive anyone to microwave meals or fast food. Dinner in a Flash (Fast Food From Home) with 30-minute meals is the savior to moments like this. Almost every dinner recipe mentioned in this book can be fixed in 30 minutes or less (and that's from start to table). That's better than the time it would take to drive to a fast food restaurant and wait for your order! Even better, the number of dishes used has been kept to a minimum so you can spend less time cleaning, and more time eating. Recipes include a recipe for the classic chicken and rice combination, a quick way to make lasagna, and even two easy ways to enjoy pork chops. Isn't it time to enjoy a nice dinner with your family? A dinner that tastes better (and costs less) than greasy fast food or microwaved frozen meals?


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