The Rocks Mornington, Mornington

The Rocks Mornington

1 Schnapper Point Rd
Mornington 3931

P: (03) 5973 5599


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When is a salad not a salad?

Review by tezza (6 reviews), left on 14-01-2010 at 01:05

Food:  stars   Wine:  stars   Coffee:  stars   Staff:  stars   Style:  stars   Value:  stars  
Overall:  stars

Yes it's a great spot to eat and take in the view of Mornington pier, but the primary purpose of a restaurant is to provide meals and not views, so my review is about the meals. Four of us dined there, three had the "Rocks Fish and Chips", and the other the Salmon dish. The meals were excellent but to be blunt, we could have had the fish and chips for half the price at any other of Mornington's fine restaurants - $29 for four beer battered flattie tails, five chunky chips, a lemon wedge, some tartare sauce and a bit of "salad" that consisted of a few leaves of lettuce and nothing else. The Salmon, $28, fared no better with the "side salad" dish, $8, having ten lettuce leaves only, nothing else in it, not even dressing. Aren't salads supposed to have other vegies mixed in, like tomato, carrot, onion, or whatever? I'm not complaining about the quality of the food, but if you're going to advertise a salad dish or a side salad with meals then make it a true salad or else advertise as a bowl of lettuce leaves instead. Is this sounding petty? At a cheaper restaurant perhaps, but at one that is quite pricy compared to others in Mornington, we expected better. No qualms about the staff, wonderful people except for the guy who took our payment - he got rather grumpy when we wouldn't add a tip to the credit card docket, and ended up throwing the card back at me in no uncertain manner. Mate I always tip by cash, not on a docket that can be altered, so you missed out in a big way.
Uppity yes, nice food yes, - salad no!

Bay Views

Review by woz (15 reviews), left on 28-09-2007 at 20:01

Food:  stars   Wine:  stars   Coffee:  stars   Staff:  stars   Style:  stars   Value:  stars  
Overall:  stars

I'm not sure of the protocol of re-visiting a place I've already reviewed but I had lunch at the Rocks today and can be a little more detailed about the experience, which was very good.

There aren't too many (aren't enough) good places to eat by Port Phillip Bay, but this is one of them, and with gale force winds sending great waves spraying over the top of Mornington Pier it sure was nice to be tucked inside watching the yachts tilting and swinging in the wind.

We ate out on the 'deck' which can be opened up to the elements in better weather but which was tucked in tight today. A friend had fish and chips (flathead tails in beer batter) and I had pizza. The fresh gelati was also pretty good. They had foccacia options too for a lighter lunch. The service today was friendly and attentive.

Along with a bottle of Stumpy Gully Pinot Grigio it was a nice way to spend an hour or two on a wild and windy day.

Enjoying the view!

Review by woz (15 reviews), left on 26-09-2007 at 19:03

Food:  stars   Wine:  stars   Coffee:  stars   Staff:  stars   Style:  stars   Value:  stars  
Overall:  stars

I've been here several times and always enjoyed it; great views if you get a seat by the window, of Mornington Pier and the yachts in the harbour. To be truthful it's probably best for breakfast or lunch, when you can really take in the view, but I've had dinner here twice and the food was great, if a little expensive by Mornington standards.


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